Selah & Other Effects of Silly Little Love Songs

the sun don't always shine & being dark ain't as bad as they say...

so I'm here
'cuz running ain't freedom.


。.⋆:*☽~Goddess Bless~☾*:⋆.。



。.⋆:*☽~Goddess Bless~☾*:⋆.。


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what now?

Space & Opportunity Open Mic & Exhibition…

Guess who’s touching the stage on July 26th! You should too!
the day i decided to start over
for The Black Pearl and her legacy.

and for those who constantly bash black bodies for daring to be beheld. and for realizing when you’re a part of the problem. and for that overwhelming post traumatic slave disorder that creeps up on you exposing itself through irreversible flashbacks of subjugation and torment and admonishment over our audacity to be black and beautiful at the same damn time. and for Rihanna. not at all for her “bad behavior” but hell yes for her boldness. bitch. boom.

Light to the Queen, Ms. Josephine Baker on her bEarthday.
When we come to it
We, this people, on this wayward, floating body
Created on this earth, of this earth
Have the power to fashion for this earth
A climate where every man and every woman
Can live freely without sanctimonious piety
Without crippling fear

When we come to it
We must confess that we are the possible
We are the miraculous, the true wonder of this world
That is when, and only when
We come to it.

Tweets concerning UCSB shooting, misogyny, and masculinity by Imran Siddiquee, Director of Communications for The Representation Project, the organization behind Miss Represenation and the soon-to-be-released documentary The Mask You Live In

A Necessary Read.

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The blues are here again… The moon is on her way


The blues are here again… The moon is on her way

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Step into the office like…

Step into the office like…

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Anonymous said: what are you mixed with?


an abundance of light & love



“April is the cruelest month, breeding
lilacs out of the dead land, mixing
memory and desire, stirring
dull roots with spring rain.”

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Rule Number 7


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